Thursday, May 22, 2014

Boo! :D

Hi everybody!! :D So WOW! I haven't posted in a LONG time!! I originally started this kid blog years ago... before all the mesh and cuteness that has since been released. I love being a kid avi and I absolutely adore how much creative content is out there these days for us kids! The options are limitless and being adorable is now easier than ever! I decided that since I am off from school for the summer and spending more time on SL, I'd start blogging some again. I can't promise it's going to be an every day thing... as I don't want my blog to turn in to a chore... because let's face it... that is no fun! :( BUT but but... I'm going to do my absolute best to bring a cute look to you guys here and there, that will make it worth checking my blog out! :D

For those that don't know me... I'm Spring. I role play a feisty "smart" three year old. I have an amazing family with much extension. I also have some pretty awesome friends and tons of really creative people in my sLife that are constantly releasing amazing content, that the whole grid needs to see! I have been in the kid community for ... gosh... way back when you had to wear "prim clothing" to cover up your very weird contorted tummy! (for those that remember those days... you are now cringing... I know it! xD) I enjoy making new friends and I absolutely am the definition of girly. Expect to see LOTS of pink! Anyway, if you ever have any problem finding something in my posts or just want to say hi... IM me inworld @ Spring Shelter.


(I will only blog what I am wearing one time. Another words... going forward, if my next post has the same skin, I won't be reblogging it.)

Body: **Cute Bytes**  ~ToddleeDoo - BabyGirl (v.2.8)
Hands: **Cute Bytes**  ~ToddleeDoo - HandPoses (v.2.7)

Mouth: [PXL] OpenMouth Pro v2.0 (kid add on pack)

Hair: [ Love Soul ] Hair*121*Jet Black

Earrings: t.O. Tarty Lime Earrings
Woodland Treasures Gatcha Event

Skin: ROZENA ~Nana~ natural pink

Eyes: [AMITOMO] EYE03-Sky

Eyebrows: [Buzz] *Tint Inc* Yoona Eyebrows - Greyscales

Dress/Shoes/Glasses/Bow: That's So {Kyoot} - Kimberly

What's on top of my head?

+Spellbound+ Unicorn Headdress // Mist
The Fantasy Gacha

What's in my hand?

*. emm ; miss minnie
Woodland Treasures Gatcha Event

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Hi everyone! I haven't blogged in forever!! I'm sowwy! :( Life has been crazy busy both SL and RL. :/ But, I have some really awesome designer friends who keep passing me free outfits and I've decided to start "earning my keep"! This outfit isn't from one of their stores, but definitely stay tuned for some awesome previews of cute ToddleeDoo outfits from .: Petite Bowtique :.  and Munchkin Toes !!
For all those who didn't believe I was an angel... see below for proof. Xd 
Angel Costume: Turducken - Lil Angel Costume - ToddleeDoo
Earrings: Turducken - Cutie Earrings - Unicorn

Hair: tram  B426 hair / brown&black (everyone wants to know where this is from... so, you're welcome! lol xd)

Skin: ROZENA ~Ai(peach v2)~ baby gloss natural

Monday, June 18, 2012

I has the BESTEST Papa ever

Hiiiii!!! So, this was my outfit I picked for Papa's Day yesterday... I think it is supposed to be an Easter outfit though. :X Hehe 
Anyway, it's only 11L's!! That's only 1 more L than 10L's! That's nuts because it's so cute. :) Royal Pain has this event going where ish like 111 items for 11L's for only 11 days!
I'm just blogging the outfit though. The skin I have previously blogged and if you must know where the hair is from, then just IM me inworld. :)
*-* Royal Pain *-* Royal Donna Yellow Boxed

Thursday, June 7, 2012

I love my Mommy

Hello again everyone!! :D I hope you all are in the mood to see a really cute skin that is ... <insert drum roll here> FREE!! That's right lovies, this skin I am wearing is currently ZERO lindens! It's a group gift at Al Vulo and the group is free to join! Yay! :D
I'm also wearing a new outfit from Itty Bitty Pretty Thang, that has a tot plate so no bulky prim part needed. :) I hope you all like this outfit I put together and hopefully I'll be posting another one soon! 

Skin: [ Al Vulo! ] - [ Debbie ] - [ - Ohh Deer Chantilly] group gift- FREE!

Outfit: *IBPT* I love Mommy 2012

Shoes: .FG. Princess Flat Sneaks (kids)

Ears: **Cute Bytes** BabyElven Ears - OUCH

Hair: [e] Other - Brown 08

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Shiver Me Timbers

Ahoy me mateys... my school has a pirates them today, so I went on the hunt for something piratey... The below is what I came up with. The entire outfit is ridiculously cheap. The textures on the outfit aren't the greatest, BUT the whole package together comes out really cute. I hope you guys like! 
P.s. I wanted to mention that if anyone has a request of an outfit I put together and blog, please feel free to drop me a note. I'm bored a lot... and yeah... :D

Hair: Magika [Hair] Anywhere **unrigged mesh and super adorable!**

Eyes: .ID. Mirror Eyes/Blue-Green **I know you can't see the eyes all that well, but trust me... go to the store and check them out!**

Pirates Costume (includes everything seen except sneaker...): [SP] Fashion Me Pirate
Marketplace **whole outfit is only 75L!**

Please note that this outfit is not going to work with tot shapes.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I love when the weather starts getting nice, yesah! :D

Herrooo! :D One major thing to point out about this post.. the skin is FREE, if you don't mind stalking a lucky letter board for a couple hours... Heheh why so many Z's, Q's, and U's come up I never know!

Outfit: Turducken - Daisy Outfit - Pink

Skin: .::Mother Goose's MiChi III LB

Hair: >TRUTH< Velvet - Swedish

Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Madness

Herro! Sorry I hasn't blogged  in awhile.. I hopes yous all like this cute CHEAP outfit I founds. 

Hair: >TRUTH< Velvet - Swedish

Skin: same as previously blogged. :P

Outfit & FlipFlops: [RI] Flower Power Fit **This outfit is a steal! Ish only 75L's in Razzberry's basement discount section. Woot!**
Necklace: [RI] Donut Craze Necklace
Mouth-Attachment: [RI] Nintendo Controller **Hunt item (therefore FREE) TNLH #22**

Glasses: .FG. B2SH Nerd Glasses

**Mes fishy and giraffe is from my Little Edwards. <3**